Week 9, November 9, 2019 – Regular Class, Parent Assembly, Introduction of Board Nominees

- 校長 黎敏 Principal Li-Morgan

·         We will be hosting Parents Assembly this Saturday (11/9) at Cafeteria 4 from 9:30 - 10:30 AM.  You are encouraged to attend.

o   We will be introducing the 2020 Board of Director and PSA nominees. Each nominee will introduce themselves and speak about how they can contribute to Torrance Chinese School. 

o   Teachers will be handing out the ballot to the students to take home this Saturday.

·         Please note that the school calendar has been updated: Chinese New Year celebration will be on 1/25/2020, instead of 2/1/2020.

November 5, Special Announcement – Fall Composition Contest Winners Correction

- 校長 黎敏 Principal Li-Morgan

Due to clerical errors, the winners list for Fall Composition Contest need to be corrected as follows.  Congratulations to the winners!  We sincerely apologize for the confusion and inconvenience this may have caused. 

Week 8, November 2, 2019 – Regular Class, Earthquake Evacuation Drill

- 校長 黎敏 Principal Li-Morgan

Please remember to “fall” back by one hour on November 3.

October 14, 2019,Special Announcement - Fall Academic Contests Results

- 校長 黎敏 Principal Li-Morgan

Fall Academic Contest was successfully completed as planned.   Thank you to all participants!  Special thanks to Event Coordinators Lily Huang, Karolin Nusantara, Jenny Wang, SCCCS Representative David Huang, judges, teachers, and parents for all your help and making this a successful event!

Week 6, October 5, 2019 – Regular Class

- 校長 黎敏 Principal Li-Morgan

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