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School Site: Torrance West High School, 20401 Victor Street, Torrance, CA 90503
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2015-2016 註冊日期及時間 Registration Date and Time:
9/12/2015 and 9/19/2015 (Saturday), 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM

地點 Location:
Cafeteria #4, Torrance West High School.
20401 Victor Street. Torrance, CA. 90503
Please remember to bring your check book (no credit or debit cards)

New Student Online Pre-registration
新生注册鼓励使用网络预注册以减少差错。完成预注册后请打印确认邮件,再到学校办理付费 等手续。 New students are encouraged to utilize online pre-registration to minimize the possibilities of wrong data entries. Once done with pre-registration, please print out a hardcopy of the confirmation email and come to cafeteria#4 to complete the remaining steps, such as payment for the tuition and etc.

托倫斯中文學校於1989年成立。經多年來的成長,目前有二十四班的中文班以及相關成人班,全校人數多於300人, 是南加州最大的中文學校之一。 我們提供傳統及簡体中文教學. 本校是一個屬於學生及家長的義務團體,所有學校行政人員,校長,理事及家長會皆由家長義務擔任,希望家長及師生們踴躍參與各項活動. 本校為學生及家長提供多彩多姿的活動, 例如:學生才藝表演, 露營, 大熊湖實踐營, 田徑比賽, 詩歌朗誦, 海報比賽, 母親節園遊會等. 學生們更可學習到中華文化的捏麵人, 書法, 中國結, 及摺紙藝術. 在中文教育日益受到全球各國重視之際,我們的付出及貢獻不僅能造福在美華裔人士,更能將中華文化的種子,遍灑於全美,對促進美中了解及合作,做了很大的貢獻。 由於以往及現在所有家長大家一起努力,不僅讓托倫斯中文學校為我們的兒女提供最佳的中文教育,更在他們的成長過程中留下美好的回憶。

Torrance Chinese School (TCS) was founded in 1989. After many years of growth and development, student enrollment has increased steadily to its current level of approximately 300 students, one of the largest in Southern California. TCS offers 24 language classes from grades K to 12, and a Chinese conversation class for non-Mandarin speaking adults. Both traditional and simplified Chinese are taught at our school.

TCS is a California registered non-profit organization, our goal is to promote Chinese language and culture in the Los Angeles area. Over the years, Torrance Chinese School has evolved from a language school to a community center for more than 5,000 Chinese Americans in the South Bay area. Many of our students' parents become good friends even after their children graduated from our school.

We distinguish ourselves from other Chinese schools by offering more than just language lessons, our students are able to enjoy activities such as talent show, camping, winter retreat, track & field races, poem recital, drawing contest, Mother's day carnival, and many others. They also have opportunities to learn traditional Chinese cultural activities such as paper folding art, calligraphy, Chinese knot tying and dough figure making.

Community Service
Student TrackMeet Activity
Mother's Day Canival
students learn what to do during an earthquake drill
parents participated in a seminar held at school
students performed in the annual talent show
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